Studies to Enrich Your Soul


     Have you lost a loved one and feel their presence? Do you see signs from those that have passed on wondering if they are your angel guide? Deborah Finley, evidential medium, answers the questions beyond the mystery of the after life. Aspiring Mediums will appreciate the glimpse of her own personal experiences . With this book she shares her message, & encourages those with mediumistic abilities to develop.

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In this book, twelve women expose their vulnerability, their pain, their truth, their intuitive guidance and insights that led to the courage it has taken to go from the depths of fear, grief, and heartbreak to finding their place in the world. They have come to own their sovereignty, become more empathic, found a new sense of creating a life they love and tapping into gifts that were not recognized prior and found a new vision on their journey.

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Psychic Connections 

The author, Carolyn Gelone, has worked with the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce. In searching for answers to her questions about life and its spiritual dimensions she realized that she was living in the midst of many events that were answers to her questions. Follow her journey as she becomes more and more aware of the blending of the visible and invisible worlds. And get ready to remember the times in your life when you knew what was happening was more than just a coincidence...

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50 Ways You Can Change the World by Geralyn St Joseph

Let's get one thing straight - Every person is important.

It doesn't matter if you are living on the street or the president of the United States. What you do and say can change the world. We are all part of a grander scheme. We all have our own unique role to play in life. Like pebbles thrown into a pond, every action has its effect. You can use your time here far more effectively if you take the time to be aware.

Pay attention to the way other people affect you. Why does it annoy you so when a car cuts in front of you and then slows down? Examine your own reactions to what is happening around you. Become an objective observer and see if there's a way to change your perspective on the situation. For instance, when that car slowed down in front of you, did you notice the speed trap? We don't always see why something happens, be grateful for it anyway.

But what can I do? Stop whining and acting as if life is happening to you for starters... Yeah, I said it. Stop making excuses and start changing the world!

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5 L's of Parenting by Geralyn ST Joseph
The 5 L's of Parenting-5 Simple Ways to Have the Best Relationship Possible with Your Child contains the basic ingredients for a happy relationship with your child. This is a short book written with busy parents in mind. Take a moment, take a breath and take the time to really nurture your relationship with your child[ren]. Let this book show you how.

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Path to Self-Empowerment by Geralyn ST Joseph

This is usually presented as a six week course.

It takes time to set patterns in our lives. It takes hard work and a great deal of honesty to change those patterns. First and foremost you MUST be honest with yourself. We tend to lie to ourselves more than to any other person.

To come to a place of self-empowerment first we must know the self. Since that entails a process, I decided to give my course as a book for you to discover yourself. Then you may find you want to explore further.

This book is an outline of the method I used to heal myself from a very traumatic time. I hope you find it useful. Blessings!

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Discover Your Whole Self by Geralyn St Joseph

Discover Your Whole Self - Step by Step Guide to Healing Your Self Through the Chakra Energy System: Experience Life at 100%! (Self-Empowerment Series Book 1)

The Whole Self - Path of Self Healing
Follow the path of the chakra system to rebuild your whole Self. Make sure each of these important energy systems is functioning properly. Learn how to maintain a healthy chakra energy system and to recognize when you are out of balance. Take the time to know your Self, bring your Self to its fullness & reconnect with Spirit.

This is a quick, easy to digest study guide. For the new and the experienced practitioner.

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Paranormal Activity 1 by Geralyn St Joseph

How do I know if my house is haunted? How can I tell what it is haunted by? Is it dangerous? What should I do? Paranormal Activity - What are YOU dealing with? What might be around you, what to do about it and more will be answered. You are not alone! Demons, Angels, Fallen Angels, Ghosts, haunting? Do I need an exorcism? What does the Bible say about these things?

Every night at 3am you wake up to the sound of music, followed by the sounds of a heated argument...

It seems like every time you have an argument with your teen, something breaks...

You keep feeling like someone is watching you, seeing something out of the corner of your eye and suddenly you feel really sad, but there’s no reason for it...

Your child keeps telling you family history they should not know...

Every time you are alone the TV changes channels or turns on and off...

You feel uneasy when you are home, like someone is watching you and wants to hurt you...

You feel indestructible and engage in risky behavior...

You read a book and now you are ready to summon your angels... What are you dealing with?

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Psychic Self Defense for Everyone by Geralyn St Joseph

I hesitated when naming this book using the term ‘Psychic Self-Defense’ because many people think this is only for ‘New Agers’ and those involved in metaphysics. Well, these people can’t be more wrong. Everyone needs psychic self-defense. I use the term in its broadest sense.
Whether you are aware of it or not, the thoughts, emotions and energy of those around you affect you. Your environment affects you. Lots of things impact you physically, mentally and emotionally. They don’t have to, at least not for long.
Everyone experiences some type of psychic interference; whether it is interaction with people who are draining or a conscious psychic attack. We are best served by being aware of what’s around us and how it affects us. When we understand these things we can better navigate our world.
You need this information if you answer yes to any of these questions:
- Do you need a nap after going to the mall [or any crowded space]?
- Do you have sudden, severe headaches your doctor cannot diagnose?
- Are you always fatigued?
- Are you plagued by sudden thoughts of hopelessness or despair?
- Are these feelings more intense when you are alone?
- Are these feelings more intense when you are among people?

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