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Teaching / Presenting at Parastudy

Are you looking to share a topic you are passionate about with like-minded individuals?

Parastudy is a great resource to begin your Teaching Journey.  Whether you are a first-time teacher or seasoned, you will find others who are passionate about the topic as you are.  If you have any interest in teaching a class, hosting a workshop series, hosting a discussion group, or other type of presentation, please fill out a Teacher Application Form and submit for consideration.

Contact Geralyn at 808-261-7866 or email your application to: OR simply fill out the contact form below.

Parastudy Application for Workshop Facilitators and Class Teachers

Thank you for your interest in teaching a workshop/class at Parastudy. We pride ourselves in offering a broad spectrum of high quality and informative classes, workshops, lectures and discussion groups for members as well as the community. **Email completed information for consideration.**

Parastudy Workshop and Class Information

It is required of all teachers to complete the following information and submit directly to Geralyn at

Class times are allotted first come, first served, get your information in early so we can promote classes. Please allow time to process and schedule.

Geralyn: 808-261-7866 or

Copy/paste the questions below and answer them in the body of an email and/or answer within a document and send via Word Doc to Geralyn, ***Be sure to put YOUR NAME and NAME OF CLASS in title of document AND subject of email.***

Answer ALL the following, completely...even if you've answered previously. Any information missing may delay the approval, promotion and start of your class.

1. Contact info: Instructor Name, Address, Email address, Best contact phone number(s)

2. Class/lecture/workshop Topic (title of your event and/or series it's a part of)

3. Course Description (a 4-6 sentence overview of what your class is about):

4. Course Objective (specific objectives that you plan to meet upon the end of the course...ask yourself, "Why people will want to attend your class?"): This helps us promote classes!

5. Course Methods Outline (List how the course will be instructed and details of what will be taught, ie: lecture, discussion, experiential, crafting, party) Let us know if this is hybrid or virtual only

6. Price for Parastudy Members: Price for non-members:  ***Please note: Parastudy receives 50% and you receive 50% of fees paid less transaction costs.***

7. Length of Class you're teaching (ex. 1.5 hours):

8. Duration of the Course (Once a month, a series, offered once, etc.)

  1.  For multiple classes in a series, please provide a 4-6 sentence description for each of your classes. We will use this information on the web site and on Meetup.
  2.  How are they different? Will they build upon each other?
  3.  Must participants take all in the series, or can they take a single class?

9. Pre-registration required How would you like them to register? Pre-pay? Call YOU to register? Do you have a max limit to number of people attending? NO MINIMUM

10. Preferred Day of the Week/time/location for class (First come, first served. Classroom, Living Room, Kitchen Table, Out Side, Zoom, etc.): Let us know if this is hybrid or virtual only

11. Instructor Background/Bio: A paragraph of 3-6 sentences introducing yourself, describing your background and why you are qualified to teach this class. What makes you a trusted expert on this topic? Please include any credentials you possess that may apply to your subject.

Visit for examples.

Parastudy, Inc.

PO Box 201, 354 Valleybrook Rd,

Chester Heights, PA 19017

Thank you for your time and effort in sharing your knowledge with our members. We appreciate you and what you do, and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Things to Remember

  • You may need to have your own pro-Zoom account for longer classes. We will accept other platforms also. Most classes should be available virtually.
  • A member of Parastudy’s Board will attend your class at no charge. This is necessary to ensure class quality and to open the building if your class is in person.
  • Parastudy will follow current Covid mandates. This means that you are responsible for space sanitation before and after your class/event at Parastudy.
    • This also means that in-person class size is limited by space/room.
  • We do a great deal of promotion for you, however you also need to promote your class. Promoting your class through Social Media, Email Marketing, etc is expected.

Parastudy Application for Teachers

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