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Chakra Healing Series

Chakra Healing Series*
Discovering Your Whole Self

with Reiki Master Terri deBruin
& Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St. Joseph

3 Mondays in August 2021 (begins August 9)

6:30 pm to 9 pm

Do you feel like you are missing something?  Like there is a piece of you that you left behind somewhere?  Do you feel that you are just going through the motions of Life? With no excitement or joy in what you are doing?  Your Chakras are out of balance.

Are you ready for an Amazing Healing?

~ Learn how to maintain a healthy chakra system

~ Recognize when you are out of balance.

~ Take the time to know your Self

~ Bring your Self to its fullness &

~ Reconnect with Spirit.

Follow the path of the chakra system to rebuild your Whole Self.  Make sure each of these important energy systems is functioning properly.

The first step is to make the decision to become healthy and whole.  The next step is to make the commitment to yourself to follow through to your goal.  This is a process and takes some time and effort on your part.  You will be guided through each of the Seven Core Chakras to discover what is hidden in each of those energies.  In following guidance, you will become more aware of the indications and feelings associated with imbalances.  And more importantly, you will know what to do when these things come up. 

In this “Chakra Healing Series”, chakra means healing life change and if we want our life to change this can be your first step to healing; so that joy and happiness can return and become part of your everyday life.  

Week 1:  August 9th           Lower Chakras             

Week 2:  August 16th        Heart Chakra  

Week 3:  August 23rd  Upper Chakras

*This is a hybrid class - presented on Zoom and in-person at Parastudy*

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Pay in Full - $185 Members ~ $215 Visitors 
Pay per week [3] - $70 Members ~  $80 Visitors

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