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Geralyn St Joseph ~ Psychic Intuitive, Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, and Author


"A psychic reading from Geralyn St. Joseph is often very specific in detail and always highly transformative. Her information uplifts the spirit and gives one a sense of direction filled with many possibilities. She has helped clients through difficult times by assisting in discovering the reasons for a seemingly traumatic event." 

~ Christopher Ilo - Toltec Shaman, Huna Fire Energy Healer


Geralyn St Joseph has a reputation for offering strong, loving guidance to those who choose to seek her advice. Her talents and experiences are varied and many, and she brings a bright compassionate light to everything she does. 

Geralyn St Joseph is  also an ordained minister, life coach and intuitive business consultant. Geralyn helps many people in a variety of ways, and regardless of the initial focus, her work ultimately helps her clients to repair and strengthen their familial relationships. Geralyn believes that with the proper effort and coaching, every family can experience the joy of a mutually supportive relationship.

Geralyn is currently residing near Philadelphia, PA with a client list that spans the world. 


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Crystals & Gemstones 101
Power of Gemstones Series

Class given quarterly! Next Class in October

Join us each quarter for a different topic to discover the gemstones and crystals best suited for various uses, such as Prosperity, Love, Protection, Abundance, Focus, Chakra Support, and more!

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"Exploring Your Intuition"
Experiential Series

7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
at Parastudy and on ZOOM!

Are YOU Ready To -
EXPLORE Your Intuition and
DISCOVER Your Spiritual Gifts?

Join us
to "Explore Your Intuition"!

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"Soul of Tarot" - Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom

Online Video Series!

Learning the "Soul of Tarot" is about developing your own unique intuition, no memorization is required. This course is both instructional and experiential.
For Novice to Professional.

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Psychic Self Defense*

~ Part of Advanced Esoteric Energy Training** ~

    ~ Pre-Recorded Video Series! ~ 


In this video series, you will discover:

~ How to discern the type of spirit or entity you may be dealing with

~ What to do when entering a space that may be haunted

~ How to protect your self from negative entities

~ What to do when leaving a space that may be haunted

~ Blessing and Cleansing techniques for you and your personal space

~ Exercises to help cleanse and strengthen your energetic field

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Ethics of Divination

Class date and time TBD

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Soul Empowerment ~ "Pulling Your SELF Back Together"
Energy Healing & Cleansing Series

Currently available as a web series

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Pulling Your SELF Back Together

We will seldom find ourselves at a better moment than right now to delve into our selves to find our core, our spirit, and our purpose. This process takes intention and awareness to affect the deep healing that we crave, ultimately rewarding you with a better sense of Self, as well as providing more energy and more focus.

Are you ready to reclaim your soul?

There are 6 total ZOOM sessions. You can also purchase INDIVIDUAL sessions by CLICKING HERE.


*Most classes are discounted for Parastudy members.

A yearly membership for Parastudy is as low as $20!
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Activate & Clear Your Galactic Gaia Chakra SystemTM to open your Being to better energy flow by releasing stress & energetic blocks. Maintaining a clean energy system can provide you better health, more resilience, and enhanced intuition.


Galactic-Gaia Chakra System


Renunciation of Binding & Contracts / Embracing the Flow of Spirit ~ Unravel the energies that hold you back and keep you from your truth by pulling your energy back from contracts and agreements that no longer serve the higher good. Then release the illusion of lack and separation freeing you to choose a new path.


Breaking the Chains

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