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Learn the Art of Psychic Signature Reading
with Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St. Joseph

Wednesday, April 14th
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Live-streamed on ZOOM and in-person at Parastudy (WEATHER PERMISSIBLE)!
Parastudy Location: 354 Valleybrook Rd., Chester Heights/Glen Mills PA

$35 visitors / $30 Parastudy Members [bring a friend 2/$50]


What is a "Signature Analysis Reading"?

Signature Analysis is a form of divinatory psychic reading which utilizes Graphology (the study of handwriting) & Psychometry.

With signature analysis you can:
- Tap into the energetic of a person or signature
- Obtain information about an individual's personality and character
- Ascertain an issue that needs to be addressed
- Answer questions Intuitively [advanced]

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This class is hosted by Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St. Joseph, whom has reputation for offering strong, loving guidance to those who choose to seek her advice. Her talents and experiences are varied and many, and she brings a bright compassionate light to everything she does. 

Geralyn is a natural psychic, born with her gifts. She began intuitive reading for others in grade school using a regular deck of playing cards. As a teen she discovered Tarot and Graphology, and throughout the years she has added many other divination tools and energy techniques. She has been mentoring and teaching various subjects involving all things metaphysical and self-empowering since 1994, when she was encouraged to make her calling a profession.

Geralyn St. Joseph is an author, ordained minister, energy healer, a life coach, motivational speaker, and an intuitive business consultant. She helps many people in a variety of ways, and regardless of the initial focus, her work ultimately helps her clients to repair and strengthen their familial relationships. Geralyn believes that with the proper effort and coaching, every family can experience the joy of a mutually supportive relationship.

Geralyn is currently residing near Philadelphia, PA with a client list that spans the world. 

Find out more about Geralyn St. Joseph through her books published on Amazon, or through her online podcasts and videos on YouTube! 

Check out Geralyn’s Author Page on Amazon:

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